012 ~ 019 Kids Kids & More Kids!!!

I have been rather slow in my blogging duties,
but that hasn't been the case with
the quilting.
In May we found out that we'd be
making a trip to Manitoba in early October.
Since we have family there
(8 of them children whom we'd not met)
I decided to get busy and make the kids each a quilt!

I really wanted to take a "washline" photo before
I parted with them.

The last stitch was done the evening before
I flew out..talk about pressure??

Here's all the bindings.

(fay 48x65")
Pink Fence Rails

(gil 50x67")
The Farm

(jay 51x71")
I'd never thought of doing grey
in a kids quilt, but alternating pinks
with grey turned out fine.

(jef 57x69")
Pinwheels I've always liked the look of pinwheels.

(jen 48x70")
check out what some of these cats are doing

(lor 48x60")
4" squares using kids fabrics

(mel 50x69")
stacked coins - a perfect stash buster
alternating with a light pink

(rob 51x71")
I "borrowed" this wonderful idea
from Beth over here
She has such amazing ideas and I am
completely in awe of her!!


011 ~ A Birthday Quilt

A friend who is a musician & singer was turning 74, what a better gift - than to receive a music quilt!
Merlin ♥ L-O-V-E-S ♥ Uncle Derry; of course he had to take a big part in being the quality control inspector.

The Front is a random of 4" squares alternating musical fabrics with solids.

While I was doing the quilting, Out of the blue (hm perhaps it was "on the blue") I decided to write Derry's name on one of the squares on the front, and I was happy with how it turned out.

DH and I are constantly giving him a hard time about his "girlfriends" so when I found this 'girls' fabric,

I knew it had to be the backing fabric on Derry's quilt.


I'm still here

It's been a while...
and I've accomplished a few things...
can't wait to get it all blogged!!


010 ~ 1000 ...... pieces...... that is....

I've made a few quilts for other people,
so my DH says

..."when do I get a quilt"?
hm.... his request was:
a bunch of little squares, no pattern
(for those of you who can understand German)

while i was fabric gathering - he had a couple of requests,
and especially a certain ladybug fabric that he found and liked.
here is the pile of fabric strips I decided on

of course the ever present helper!
quality control supervisor was right there

I'd hoped to get it finished for fathers day
~no such luck~

here it is, and I really like the mixture of bright colours
I suppose it could be an eye spy quilt for other quilt receivers
they should be able to find "their" fabrics somewhere in this one

I mentioned to DH that the quilt top had 980 ~ 2" squares in it.
980?? he says..... how come there's not 1000?
so here's the other 20 on the back

A close up of some of the brightness as well as the ladybug binding.

I'm pleased with the outcome.


009 ~ Finally..... another finish

I've had a few projects on the go; just haven't finished any of them. It was all about timing - i wanted to finish this one first - because it's for a wedding.... (and I'm late anyway) however, I've got it done.
I've always admired the window box pattern
and wanted a project to use it on as well as keeping it a scrappy look.....
here it is...

it took me days to figure out what to do for the back.... until my DH suggested large squares; and voila my dilemma was over...

the binding is of the same fabric that the squares in the backing are from, i really like how it turned out.

Pens etc..... so "my thing"....


In the Meantime...

I tried my hand at making seat covers for our truck;
they turned out ok.

and some chair pads.... as you can see they've been tested for durability.



.....from this.....

.....to this.....

.....and finally.....

Happy Easter!!

008 ~ Pinwheel......

The pinwheel quilt has been finished for a while;
I've been a bit remiss in the blogging job.

For me, it's all about learning..... and although I now
have a frame(which makes quilting so much easier on
my neck and shoulders)I found that there's a whole
new technique -per se- with putting the
three layers together.
As you can see with the backing, the center
piece isn't quite in the center.

I really love this daisy fabric; it makes
a neat binding!


I'm still here...

It has been a while......
I've not been idle though,

Just a small taste of what has filled part of my time:

My first try with a frame...
something else to learn!!
I'm just about finished with the binding.

A scrappy 9 patch;
My little supervisor is right there to make the
softness test!!