010 ~ 1000 ...... pieces...... that is....

I've made a few quilts for other people,
so my DH says

..."when do I get a quilt"?
hm.... his request was:
a bunch of little squares, no pattern
(for those of you who can understand German)

while i was fabric gathering - he had a couple of requests,
and especially a certain ladybug fabric that he found and liked.
here is the pile of fabric strips I decided on

of course the ever present helper!
quality control supervisor was right there

I'd hoped to get it finished for fathers day
~no such luck~

here it is, and I really like the mixture of bright colours
I suppose it could be an eye spy quilt for other quilt receivers
they should be able to find "their" fabrics somewhere in this one

I mentioned to DH that the quilt top had 980 ~ 2" squares in it.
980?? he says..... how come there's not 1000?
so here's the other 20 on the back

A close up of some of the brightness as well as the ladybug binding.

I'm pleased with the outcome.


009 ~ Finally..... another finish

I've had a few projects on the go; just haven't finished any of them. It was all about timing - i wanted to finish this one first - because it's for a wedding.... (and I'm late anyway) however, I've got it done.
I've always admired the window box pattern
and wanted a project to use it on as well as keeping it a scrappy look.....
here it is...

it took me days to figure out what to do for the back.... until my DH suggested large squares; and voila my dilemma was over...

the binding is of the same fabric that the squares in the backing are from, i really like how it turned out.

Pens etc..... so "my thing"....


In the Meantime...

I tried my hand at making seat covers for our truck;
they turned out ok.

and some chair pads.... as you can see they've been tested for durability.