023 Christmas Tree Quilt

A quilt in the pattern of a Christmas Tree. 
My DH designed it, and I created it. 
He described how he wanted it made, 
and I "drew" it on excel using only square blocks.

This is how it began,  stacks of little squares.

This was like playing with fabric leg-o blocks??

After making strips of fabric, I needed to visualize the colours together.

Up onto the design wall...overlapping the strips so it would all fit.

 A close-up of the star...

 The Star and the top two candles.

Here it is...
I'm happy with it!!
We Wish You all a
Merry Christmas!!


022 ~ Merry Christmas for my M-I-L

I finally finished a quilt for my 
M-I-L for Christmas this year.  
She's in Europe; My DH chose 
the fabrics he thought she'd like, 
and after I'd made the pinwheels, 
he designed the quilt top.

I used  the print fabrics and pieced them 
together for the binding
I've thought about trying it before, 
so I was quite happy how it turned out.
She is thrilled!!!
And I am happy!!



Molly the rag Dolly

Molly....that's just the name I gave her
She's for my niece's daughter

Here she is - before
My first rag doll...arms are way too thin
a neck like a crane
funny she's got mary janes on, 
but i forgot to give her hands
 inspiration and teachings come from Beth thanks!

Morris said she was fine just the way she was but...

After re-constructive surgery
she's got musical hands
shorter neck, and a bit wider tummy
to fit the size of her head
Funky Hair!!
the eyes & mouth are from
my Mother's embroidery floss

Doll Blanket
196 squares plus the sashing & border

 Mattress for the doll bed

Having a moment in the sun
A Girls gotta have Gucci's
Inside.... so much more civilized!!

Kitten Holster

We didn't want a "flat kitty"....
kittens somehow 'know' 
how to get out of regular harnesses...... 
I needed a better solution
luckily i found a place that sells "kitten holsters"....
so i created my own 
Morris now has his very own holster
and he even helped in the making of it


021 ~Baby Blanket

I have finally completed this baby blanket; 
it took far too long...I dallied far too long on it..

~front close-up~
an elmo thing
for the back I chose a couple of fabrics from my stash
and used the green for the binding
I quilted it with a free-hand wavy stitch which 
I've used before and was happy with.


020 ~ Finally I put my Winnings to Use!!

 Back in early January, Beth's Blog had a give away, and I was thrilled to be the proud owner of one of her houses. It's taken me this long to put together my very own lap quilt. Seems I've made quilts for various people ~ but somehow have forgotten about one for me... here it is:

This is the winning house, and for the first time I 
did an 'on point' square.

 What better way to compliment Beth's house, 
than with more houses and a few Log Cabins!!

Since it is MY quilt and applique with my name 
seemed appropriate! (my DH arranged all the squares in their rightful places)

 For the back, I used various fabrics from my stash, 
and added one of the spare houses in the middle!


These blocks are for Beth, who as always,
is doing yet another good deed!!


I Finally Won a Give Away!!!!

I Won!!   I Won!!   I Finally Won!!
I've been putting my name in for 
give away's for a while.... 
and have never won a thing....
well today..... my luck changed!!
and this is where I won!!
I look forward to receiving my block 
so I can do Beth proud!