Molly the rag Dolly

Molly....that's just the name I gave her
She's for my niece's daughter

Here she is - before
My first rag doll...arms are way too thin
a neck like a crane
funny she's got mary janes on, 
but i forgot to give her hands
 inspiration and teachings come from Beth thanks!

Morris said she was fine just the way she was but...

After re-constructive surgery
she's got musical hands
shorter neck, and a bit wider tummy
to fit the size of her head
Funky Hair!!
the eyes & mouth are from
my Mother's embroidery floss

Doll Blanket
196 squares plus the sashing & border

 Mattress for the doll bed

Having a moment in the sun
A Girls gotta have Gucci's
Inside.... so much more civilized!!

Kitten Holster

We didn't want a "flat kitty"....
kittens somehow 'know' 
how to get out of regular harnesses...... 
I needed a better solution
luckily i found a place that sells "kitten holsters"....
so i created my own 
Morris now has his very own holster
and he even helped in the making of it