023 Christmas Tree Quilt

A quilt in the pattern of a Christmas Tree. 
My DH designed it, and I created it. 
He described how he wanted it made, 
and I "drew" it on excel using only square blocks.

This is how it began,  stacks of little squares.

This was like playing with fabric leg-o blocks??

After making strips of fabric, I needed to visualize the colours together.

Up onto the design wall...overlapping the strips so it would all fit.

 A close-up of the star...

 The Star and the top two candles.

Here it is...
I'm happy with it!!
We Wish You all a
Merry Christmas!!


022 ~ Merry Christmas for my M-I-L

I finally finished a quilt for my 
M-I-L for Christmas this year.  
She's in Europe; My DH chose 
the fabrics he thought she'd like, 
and after I'd made the pinwheels, 
he designed the quilt top.

I used  the print fabrics and pieced them 
together for the binding
I've thought about trying it before, 
so I was quite happy how it turned out.
She is thrilled!!!
And I am happy!!