028 Jigsaw Puzzle Quilt

I asked what her favourite colours were,
 fall colours .. she says 
 I'm still trying to master a pieced backing that  
I'm completely happy with
a lap quilt 60x69 
and this one's for:


027 Babba's Baby Quilt

I've been a bit remiss in my blogging.
I made a baby quilt in the summer for a friend 
who has had her first Grand-baby; 
it was only fitting that she get a baby quilt for use 
at Babba's house.

I got the idea from Elizabeth at Oh Fransson,
she does amazing work!

I used a mauve & pink daisy fabric, 
which i thought suited
the baby perfectly. 

 a close up.


Kitty Sandwich...

Morris was happy to get 2 new brothers.
"mr mom" is an amazing big brother to 
Maxim & Milo..
Here's what the normal look is.


026 A Baby Quilt

 A baby Quilt panel

With flannel backing

A close up of the quilting I had fun with

....and Making Cheesecake too...

On the Left is Morris not quite a year old.... 
on the Right is Merlin who's about 16 years old.
The "Boys" supervise Daddy making Cheesecake....

The best part is.... we each got to "proof" a quark lid! 
Yummy Yummy we got Love Quark in our Tummy!


025 Half Rectangle Triangles

I was intrigued and inspired by this striking quilt, but I wanted a rectangular quilt....so it was necessary to learn how to make HRT (half rectangle triangle).
My numbered puzzle! 

Once I got the hang of it, they were easy enough.... one thing I needed to remember was that there are 2 different directions of the HRT....which can't be interchanged.


I was pleased with how it turned out, and somehow I didn't take a picture of the back (can't believe that) so am hoping the recipient will take a few pictures for me.

Juki Cleaning

After purchasing a second Juki to go with the mid arm frame I bought, the woman I bought them from gave me a few tips - among them was how to clean the Juki. It has a small lid that you can remove to clean a portion of the underside of the machine, but what no one tells you is that you can remove the screws and take the whole bottom off. 

I've got a before and after photo for you to see. 
For the first time, I had DH help me, but it certainly can be a one person job. I vacuumed and brushed out the whole underside; put the bottom back on...and done! 


024 Twinkling Stars......Sparkle Punch

 I completely fell in love with this quilt 
when i first saw it.  
Christmas was rapidly approaching;
I had quite a lot Christmas fabric.....
a "2nd Mom" to visit; what a perfect combination!!!
......so I went to work to make her a lap quilt.....

 She was thrilled with "her first quilt"

I didn't have quite enough of the 
snowman fabric for the back, 
so added a couple of other fabrics I liked, 
and came up with a striped backing.

I worked non stop until it was complete 
in order to deliver it on January 1st....
....did I say i fell in love with this quilt????
Oh yeah!!!
I plan to take my time and make 
another one with this pattern.

~thanks Elizabeth~