045 ~ a Sampler....of sorts....

Our friend Sheryl came all the way across the country to visit with us.......back in October last year.....what a treat it was to see her. (Of course I needed to make her a quilt!!!) And....we did put her to work for a bit with our Grape harvest season, so it was only fair that she'd have to take her quilt home with her...right?
Here are the stacks of HSTs. That's how it started....
It's a sampler quilt - of sorts...   There are 72 different blocks, with 72 different fabrics. Each block has 16 HSTs in it. It's certainly colourful!! Interesting how a couple of the colours stand out more than the rest.
Kaffe Fassett looks good anywhere doesn't it?
Here's a closer look at a couple of blocks...
For the backing I used a patchwork fabric, and a light blue paisley print. They fit the bill.


Bits & Pieces....

Since our big move across the country, I have a completely new (to me) and spacious 'creation room'. I love it, and I've actually been creating a couple of things over the past year.
I'd wanted to make sets of fabric alphabets for a while....so finally they came to fruition.
They do take a bit of time, but the end result is rewarding.
 ...here's a close up of a couple of the letters. Cut with a rotary pinking blade.
...and i made little bags for the full sets, ready to go!!
There's a wonderful clothes line here (not so uncommon around these parts) so naturally a clothespin apron for me was in order.
And.......I love aprons - I use them all the time. There are never too many aprons, right??
I made this one reversible.
 Here's a sample of the perfect apron fabric........

I made a few different hotpads, here's one I made for my neighbour / s-i-l from some of the scraps of the Kaffe Fassett fabric she used for this quilt......  there's never any waste!!
And..... I tried my hand at making bunting. Just a little something for the neighbours booth at our local farmers market.

Market Bag

I've been remiss again, that's not to say I haven't been creating: I've just not been keeping this blog up to date.  So here I am.   This bag was made for my s-i-l in Germany. DH was taking a quick trip there, so i sent along a couple of quilts, some "pies" and this bag.

I chose a few 2" squares on one side, and a couple of orphan blocks for the other side.
Unfortunately the lining fabric doesn't show too well, it's little owls - especially chosen for my s-i-l
Strawberry or Blackberry Pie??